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PHP Incorporating Docusign into Laravel/VueJS website


Active Coder

Thanks for any help/advise given in advance.

I will try to explain my environment so you have an idea of how to recommend or help my situation.

Our website is used by estate agents, we now want to integrate Docusign so that agents can sign up to Docusign and send their customers contracts and agreements that will need signing.

I have a developer account, I've managed to create a template, create custom fields, add the fields to template, then, in my code, I managed to create a new envelope, choose the template, add the recipients, add the fields and send it. I then got multiple emails (all coded to my email addresses for testing) asking me to sign the document.

As I've a developer account, does this mean that if an agent wishes to link their account on our website, to Docusign, they will only have to use their account number/email/password BUT use my integrator key?? AND, does that mean they can only use templates created in my developer Docusign account? Ditto with custom fields?

Has anyone experience in the APIs? Can you point me in the direction of which want to call to get the progress of an envelope and more importantly, the stage at which the recipients have got to? Logged into Docusign, you can see the envelopes and then clicking on them, will show each recipient and what that recipient has done (viewed, signed, completed etc) - I need that information!

In my system, what I want to do (not sure if I can) :-

When you click on my Docusign page, it will show:-

Create envelope
Envelopes - shows those envelopes that are linked to my system (store envelope id in my db) - then show its details, with its recipients and whether delivered/completed etc
Template - shows all the templates available - again not sure where templates will come from for an agent rather than me as the developer
Custom fields - shows all the accounts (again - will this be developers or agents) custom fields and will allow the agent to link a custom field to a db field in our system

Once again, thanks for reading and thanks for any advice given
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