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HTML Input type checkbox not working properly in HTML.


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      <input type="submit" value="SUBMIT" />

Initial value of checkbox is “no”, I click in checkbox and submit, I’m still getting no.

How to fix this issue?
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If you have the value set to no, then that is the value you are sending. Your form has no action. If you submit the form will not do anything.. You should find a tutorial on html forms. It will help you understand the basics.
From data-flair-training checkbox attributes are
  • type Specifies the type of input, in this case set as ‘checkbox’.
  • value Specifies the value that will be sent to the server, if the checkbox is checked.
  • name Specifies the name of the control that is delivered to the server.
  • checked Defines a by default checked checkbox. It is a boolean value.
From codeproject.com - If you want to turn the state of the checkbox to yes/no string you have to use some JavaScript like this:
var ans = document.getElementById('checkbox_id').checked ? 'yes' : 'no';
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That link you sent is just a localhost link and isn't going to work for anyone, so I've removed it.

It looks like you are thinking that the value of the checkbox is 'no', and when you check it it will turn to 'yes'?

That's not how it works.
If a checkbox is not checked, the form won't send the value of the checkbox.
If it is checked, it'll send the value which is in the value attribute. Your value is 'no' and so you should be expecting to get no, and there's nothing wrong with your code or what you're getting.

Look at The value attribute. I guess the tutorial is wrong then.
What makes you think their value attribute is wrong?

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