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Interview Questions for Java: Clarifications


I took part in a Java interview and was asked the following questions, the answers to which I am unable to provide.
1> I have below class

class CricketTeam{             
   String name; //this is the complete name(inclusive of first and last name)         

Cricket Players name are as below:

1> Sachin Tendulkar
2> Gautam Gambhir
3> Ricky Ponting
4> Shahid Afridi
5> Kevin Pieterson
6> MS Dhoni

I only want to arrange the names of the cricket players listed above by last name. We would appreciate any suggestions or offered code.

2> What are the benefits of a Java extended for loop over an iterator? Why was the enhanced for loop added to Java in the first place when the iterator could have done the job? What are the benefits of utilising an extended for loop in Java?