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Introduction - Offer of help to the community


New Coder
Hi guys,

Lovely to be part of this community. I'm not from a development background so please go easy on me if my requests and questions come across as very basic!

I was a UX/UI designer by trade, and happy to help with provisional UI mockups, etc. where needed on request, or to collaborate on larger projects. I now run a digital innovation agency.

I'm a keen chef and interested in AI/ML technology. My company is currently sponsoring projects in this field, and again I'm interested in any collaborations or introductions.




New Coder
Hi Joshua, welcome to Code Forum! I respect anyone who wants to learn development in the UI/UX design field as it makes it far easier to work together and the mockups tend to be more realistic from a coding perspective.

I'm a keen chef and interested in AI/ML technology.
Sounds interesting, what benefits does AI offer to a chef?


New Coder
Thank you both for the warm welcome.

@Mangini I am interested in both subjects. I did not necessarily mean together, although I'm sure there are many incredible applications for chefs to be discovered! Facial scanners that predict your restaurant order? or maybe a preferred flavour profile based on your location data.

I hope to bring at least one crazy idea like this to completion during my time on this forum!