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Is becoming a coder a good idea for MBA graduates?


New Coder
Hi, i'm currently a management student and planning to get an MBA. But i'm also planning on attending a course with a job guarantee / connecting programs. My university classes are only on saturdays, so i'm planning to work full-time so that by the time i graduate i'd have at least two years of relevant working experience and able to pay for the MBA degree. My plan was to attend a coding course and my ultimate goal is to be a C-level officer at a tech company. So i was imagining my career to go like:
Junior engineer -> senior engineer -> lead engineer -> technical director -> development manager -> CTO -> CEO
Of course this is just a dream, but a dream i'm willing to chase after. And to do that, i need to be in the right direction. I guess my question is; is coding course + management bachelor + MBA a good combination?


Staff Team
Hey there,

That’s a really good question! I’m not too knowledgeable on if management roles should know code but I highly recommend anyone to learn coding especially those in management as it will help with setting real expectations with your development teams as you will have an idea of what they have to do.

But code is also great for making your own personal projects or even if you have to make a simple tweak. Coding is always a good idea!


Active Coder
Staff Team
Hey and welcome :D

Coding is 100% a great way to move forward, running your own company is about being ahead of the person next to you. Being up to date with the world and its tech but also doing things that no one else is, Why do you think coders get the big bucks, Here is 2 story's off the top of my head to give you the idea :-

Guy joined a stock investment company as a intern, He noticed it took them all morning every day to get the stocks in a sheet for the team to look at in the afternoon. He programmed with python so built a script instead and every morning it took 5 minutes to do what would take them 5-6 hours a day, he was intern for a week before they promoted him because of his script. Hes in stocks and programs in his spare time.
Another guy got a job as a manager at a car company, within 6 months he built scripts and a database that made his job obsolete leaving him time to set up a SEO company that last i heard was doing well and automated so hes moving onto his next company
Me, the old company i worked for used to spend ages collecting data to call. I built a script that got enough data per day for 20 people speeding up call times and sales.

Now i code everything pretty much, Online shop, Website design, Repair shop all of these i spend more time coding then i do anything else :D The point im trying to make is coding is so so much more then a job it can be used anywhere so 100% i would say if you can go for it, master it because even if you decide to take a complete u turn and do something else coding will also help you no matter where you go :D


New Coder
Thank you both for replying! My mind is set to learn programming. I'll make a separate thread to ask for learning path guide, so please help me get going in my journey!