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JavaScript Issue with textarea script?


New Coder
so im trying to create an "AUTO" WYSIWYG real-time documentation generator for VS2019 Intellisense in javascript & jquery. so i got it working, but noticed after I type "Description : " ( a keyword ) into the text box, it converts fine but THEN if i try to delete it, it keeps on adding the <b> </b> tags when i simply want to delete it with backspace. heres the code / video https://hastebin.com/icozisiyux.http

Not sure what you mean with "converts fine" and "auto converts". You had better provide some code so we can try it out.
Also you might want to explain the issue a bit clearer. What I understand from your video is this

When I hit backspace it surrounds the entire text in <b></b> tags instead of deleting the last character.​

but any other guess is as good as mine.
Code please.... that link isn't showing anything useful. And anyway, the common practice is to post your code right here, instead of linking to some website.
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