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Java Java Stream Not Calculating the total count after filtering and grouping by


Active Coder
I have a problem about writing a java stream by filtering multiple conditions , groupby multiple condition (if possible) and calculating the sum value

I store the values as `Map<String(pId),List<Person>>`

Here is my Person class shown below
    public class Person{
        private String id;
        private Statement event; // STATUS1,STATUS2
        private LocalDate eventDate;
        private Object value;

Here is the list
    ID,Info,Date,Value (All values are stored in Person object defined in the List)
    per1, STATUS1,  10-01-2022, 1
    per2, STATUS2, 10-01-2022, 2
    per3, STATUS3, 10-01-2022, 3
    per1, STATUS1, 10-01-2022, 1  
    per1 STATUS1, 10-02-2022, 1
    per2, STATUS1, 10-03-2022, 1
    per3, STATUS2, 10-03-2022, 2

What I want to do is to get this result.
    Month |  Total Sum | Person Count
    1        7          3
    2        1          1
    3        3          2
Here is group dto shown below
    public class GroupDto {
            private int month;
            private String id;

Here is my dto shown below.
    public class DTO {
        private int month;
        private BigDecimal totalSum; 
        private int totalPersons;  

Here is the code snippet but I cannot handle with it.
    List<Dto> group = employees.values().stream()
                    .filter(emp -> emp.getEvent() == Value.STATUS1 || emp.getEvent() == Value.STATUS2 
                            || emp.getEvent() == Value.STATUS3 )
                    .map(emp -> new Dto(emp.getEventDate().getMonthValue(), new BigDecimal(emp.getValue().toString()), 1))
            List<Dto> result = new ArrayList<>(group.stream()
                            dto -> Arrays.asList(dto.getMonth()), Function.identity(), Dto::aggregate))
    public static Dto aggregate(Dto initial, Dto next) {
            initial.setTotalEmployees(initial.getTotalEmployees() + next.getTotalEmployees());
            return initial;


Here is the same result
    Dto{month=1, totalSalary=7, totalPersons=4}
    Dto{month=2, totalSalary=1, totalPersons=1}
    Dto{month=3, totalSalary=3, totalPersons=2}
Normally, total persons in month 1 is 3 but it counts 4 with respect to status.

My Issue : I cannot count the person, It counts by status. How can I do that?
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