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JavaScript Javascript / Node.js importing html file


New Coder
I'm making a node.js server which sends emails on demand. The variable "output" is what I want to send via email. When I use inline html it works fine, however I want to import a complete html file instead.

const { EmailClient } = require("@azure/communication-email");

const connectionString = "<ACS_CONNECTION_STRING>";
const sender = "<SENDER_EMAIL>";
const toRecipients = {
    to: [
        { email: "<[email protected]>", displayName: "Alice" },

const client = new EmailClient(connectionString);
const emailContent = {
    subject: "Send email plain text - JS sample",
  plainText: "",
  // html: "<h3>Hi, this works</h3>", // WORKS
  // html: "<object type="text/html" data="file.html"></object>", // // Doesn't work
  html: "<link href="file.html" rel="import" />", // // Doesn't work

async function main() {
  try {
    const emailMessage = {
      sender: sender,
      content: emailContent,
      importance: 'low',
      recipients: toRecipients,

    const sendResult = await client.send(emailMessage);

    if (sendResult && sendResult.messageId) {
        const messageId = sendResult.messageId;     
        if (messageId === null || messageId === undefined) {
        console.log("Message Id not found.");

      console.log("Send email success, MessageId :", messageId);

      let counter = 0;
      const statusInterval = setInterval(async function () {
        try {
          const sendStatusResult = await client.getSendStatus(messageId);
            if (sendStatusResult) {
                console.log(`Email status for {${messageId}} : [${sendStatusResult.status}]`);
                if (sendStatusResult.status.toLowerCase() !== "queued" || counter > 12) {
        } catch (e) {
          console.log("Error in checking send mail status: ",e);
      }, 5000);
    } else {
      console.error("Something went wrong when trying to send this email: ", sendResult);
  } catch (e) {
      console.log("################### Exception occurred while sending email #####################", e);


Help is much appreciated.


King Coder
I think what you are trying here is to leave it up to the user's email client to follow a link to a local file on your server. I'm not surprised that does not work. I guess you'll need to read that HTML file there and then, and add the contents to your emailContent.plainText (which in that case cannot be a const of course).