JavaScript: Section Rules & Guidelines (Read before posting)

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Jan 2, 2018
JavaScript: Section Rules & Guidelines

Please be sure to read and understand all information below before posting. As any errors in following these rules can have a negative impact on your account. These rules are considered an addition and coincide with our global forum rules/guidelines.

  1. Insert all your code within </> Code and or >_ Inline Code bbcode feature. This allows others to easily view your code and be able to understand and or give you better support. You can do this by hovering and clicking the three (3) dots, where then you'll be able to insert many different options including the Code and Inline Code bbcode.
  2. Either if you're asking for help or posting a guide/tutorial; be as descriptive as possible, and have a meaningful thread title. Create a post that can easily be understood. Give as much information as possible.
  3. Always include your sources/research; if you did some research to find any answer include the URL's directing others where to go to find the same information you found. And explain it to them, so no posting just the link to the solution. Try in your own words explain how to solve the issue and or possible alternatives to solving it.
    1. If you solve your own issue; reply back saying "Solved", I personally ask that you include how you solved your issue so if a member down the road is having similar issues they can refer to your post for help.
  4. When replying to a post; please refrain from posting short answers/useless information (As stated in the terms and guidelines).
  5. If you're experienced; don't discourage others from learning. If they don't understand, help them out. Don't say "Just google it" or insult the member. Show everyone respect.
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