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JavaScript just the spelling!


New Coder
How do I refer/integrate a Javascript-Variable to a Javascript-"Link" like

parent.frames[0].document.forms[0].VARIABLE_CLICK.value = 'X';

More details if needed:
I need to use a last-century frameset (local server, same origins).
frame[1] passes Button-onClick-function (abdamit) data (here: X) to frame[0] and a form there with e.g. 10 form-Elements (here: input/text). Fine.
Theese Elements receiving this data are named/ids 1 to 10. I added a Button-onClick-Counter, value stored in VARIABLE_CLICK and I can pass the Variable-value succesfully instead of „X“. Fine, too.
I need to implement this Variable in the "Link" to call the corresponding Element via ist Name or ID.. I tried much ---(["+.--- which in very far away years helped me then, but now ... silly question?!
<input type="text" name="1" id="1" value="">
<input type="text" name="2" id="2" value="">
<input type="text" name="3" id="3" value="">
function abdamit() {
parent.frames[0].document.forms[0].VARIABLE_CLICK.value = 'X';
<button onClick="abdamit();">BUTTONTEXT</button>


King Coder
I have to say that your description confuses me no end. No matter how often I read it.
But your JS code suggests that you need to access one of 10 elements based on the value of a JS variable.
If so, OldMan's suggestion does look like the way to go. What frames and links have to do with this, no idea....


New Coder
Thank you OldMan, but I made a mistake (surely not only one): I cannot use IDs for reference. And yes, I need to use a frameset. PHP won’t work in this case.
I have a fullscreen slideshow (10 Pics) and 3 (rating-)buttons A, B, C on frame[0] and a function for each of them

var clicksA = 0;
var clicksB = 0;
var clicksC = 0;
var allclicks = 1;

function buttonA() {
clicksA += 1;
parent.frames[0].document.forms[0].A1.value  = 'X';
allclicks += 1;

function buttonB() {
clicksB += 1;
parent.frames[0].document.forms[0].B1.value  = 'X';
allclicks += 1;

function buttonC() {
clicksC += 1;
parent.frames[0].document.forms[0].C1.value  = 'X';
allclicks += 1;

I need to substitute the 'number' 1 (in A1, B1, C1) with the counter 'allclicks' ... something like

parent.frames[0].document.forms[0].A(allclicks).value  = 'X';
parent.frames[0].document.forms[0].B(allclicks).value  = 'X';
parent.frames[0].document.forms[0].C(allclicks).value  = 'X';

the names of the corresponding input text fields on the result-page (frames[1]):

<input type="text" name="A1" value="">
<input type="text" name="B1" value="">
<input type="text" name="C1" value="">

<input type="text" name="A2" value="">
<input type="text" name="B2" value="">
<input type="text" name="C2" value="">

<input type="text" name="A3" value="">
<input type="text" name="B3" value="">
<input type="text" name="C3" value="">

BTW: I am an ‚Old Man‘ too and I just want to ‚refurbish‘ my basic JavaScript-knowledge with this little project.
Cbreeemer: pls excuse my rusty english; hope I made it clear now, what I am looking for!??


King Coder
Haha, as it happens I am an old man too, having been retired for a couple of years now 👴
It's not actually your English that was the problem for me. Just the way the problem was stated, with some terminology I could not understand.
But I think it is kind of clear by now what you are looking for.

You could try this:

parent.frames[0].document.getElementsByName("A"+allclicks)[0].value  = 'X';
parent.frames[0].document.getElementsByName("B"+allclicks)[0].value  = 'X';
parent.frames[0].document.getElementsByName("C"+allclicks)[0].value  = 'X';

This is assuming that you have only ONE element with the name A1, A2, ... in each frame. If that is not the case, I don't know how to go about it. It that is the case, I would personally use the id tag rather than the name tag, so that you could use

parent.frames[0].document.getElementById("A"+allclicks).value  = 'X';
parent.frames[0].document.getElementById("B"+allclicks).value  = 'X';
parent.frames[0].document.getElementById("C"+allclicks).value  = 'X';


King Coder
Thank you! It works! BTW: why does every coder prefer getElemtentsByID instead of getElementsByName? Is there a significant difference?
You're welcome.
Yes there is a significant difference of course. An ID is unique within a document, a name is not. It would depend on the kind and purpose of a field whether you give it an ID or a name (or both). If you have a number of similar fields, a name is handy because you can loop through them using getElementsByName(). If you have a field with unique properties, an ID is handy because you do not need a loop, and can get it with one call to getElementById() (note, nu plural 's' here !)


King Coder
Thank you! It works! BTW: why does every coder prefer getElemtentsByID instead of getElementsByName? Is there a significant difference?

I forgot to mention an important difference between getElementById() and getElementsByName().
If you have an element with an id, you can actually use that id as a variable name in Javascript. No need to call getElementById() !
Try this for example:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <span id="foo"></span>
foo.innerHTML = "Hello !";
I only learned this recently, and was quite amazed by it. This may well explain why using ID's is popular with developers.