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Learning path to become a webdev? Online courses on Udemy or other platforms.


New Coder
Hi, I'm planning to join a bootcamp with a job guarantee program, but currently I'm still under contract for another year, so I want to study on my own in the mean time. I'd also like to make sure that I would graduate with the highest score so I'd have more leverage to negotiate salary. (Because the system is basically all of the partner companies go after the top candidates before moving on to students with lower scores). Honestly, the bootcamp is more like an expensive competency test with job placement platform than a learning platform lol.

note: Some of you may advice me against attending the bootcamp because it's expensive. I had thought about building my portfolio and applying for jobs on my own, but after asking around, not only would that take much longer, I'm afraid that the companies that would want to hire a non tech degree would offer low wages. So I'm willing to put in the investment.

I've looked at a lot of online learning platforms, was really interested in Coursera and EdX, but the techs they use aren't the same ones that will be taught on the bootcamp. FCC is too long, I only have a year, after all. So I'm currently looking only at Udemy.

The techs that will be used on the bootcamp are:

  • HTML & CSS with Bootstrap
  • JavaScript with React and React Native (yes, they will be teaching React Native so I'll have to prepare for that too)
  • Node and express
  • MongoDB
I'm actually more interested in learning Django for the backend but I guess I'll leave learning that for after the bootcamp. Mind you, I'm a complete beginner. The only knowledge of programming I have was very basic Android programming with JAVA from 5 years ago, and I honestly only remember how to print "hello world" lol. I only have 5 hours at most every weekdays to learn to code. I have uni classes on saturdays and I do homework on sundays.

Here are the courses I'm interested in so far (Would be doing it in order):

  1. The complete 2021 web development bootcamp by Angela Yu.
  2. Build responsive real world websites with HTML5 and CSS3 by Jonas Schmedtmann.
  3. The Bootstrap 4 bootcamp by Colt Steele / Bootstrap 4 from scratch by Brad Traversy.
  4. Jonas's JavaScript course.
  5. React course Maxmillian / Academind.
  6. Nodejs, Expressjs, & MongoDB course by Jonas.
  7. Git & Github bootcamp by Colt.
  8. MERN stack guide course by Maxmillian / Academind.
  9. React Native course by Maxmillian / Academind.
  10. Harvard's CS50 computer science course on EdX.
  11. JavaScript Algorithms and data structures masterclass by Colt.
  12. I was told I needed to know about AWS & Firebase, and microservices architecture. But not sure yet where to learn it.
My plan was to follow a general and broad course to get my feet wet and to feel more motivated from actually building simple things that work. Then I get into more detail of all the techs. Then maybe go back to the previous projects and remake them / add to them as my knowledge deepen. Or do you think I should just skip the first course? If you know of a better course, or if my order of studying is wrong, or if there's something else I need to add, or even if you think something is unnecessary, please guide me! Thank you!