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Let The Box, Become A Box, Become A Box And Become A Box(Which Leads To More Boxes...)


Deleted member 205

Hey everyone.

In case you didn't know, recently, the nail in the coffin has been inserted into the WebWareBox Project. So, it's now dead and no longer In-Development. So, you cannot Contribute any more to the Project, nor' will you be hearing any more News about it. Anyways, that's the Bad News out of the way. Some of you's may be a bit confused by the Title and what it means. Well, I have Good News.

The Good News is that I still had the original Files on my PC. So, I took into consideration whether I should make these Files, Open-Source. Now you're probably thinking:
But wouldn't that just revive the Project?
Well, that may be your Idea for it but I had other Ideas.

My Idea for the Project now, is to just let multiple other Boxes come out of one big Box. Or in other words, the Project can be Forked. Now, while the Original could be Forked, this version is the Original Project, but, it's Archived. So, it's essentially there for Historic-Purposes. But, you are allowed to Fork the Project and use it for whatever you may want to use it for. You can make a Version of WebWareBox dedicated to Gaming or one dedicated to Music. Go wild with your 'Custom-Boxes'(Distributions of WebWareBox).

Your Fork of the Project can either follow it's own Goal or it can follow the Goal of the Original Project(Which was to create a piece of Software that allowed for Games, Music, Files, Documents and a bunch of other stuff to be easily shared. The Software can also be installed on the Website).

Again, this Version is just an Archive of the Project for both Historic-Purposes but, can be freely Forked for you to create your own Version of WebWareBox.

This is the last official Post of WebWareBox that I'll be making. I was wanting discussions of the Project to stop, but @Malcolm wouldn't allow that. So, you may continue to talk about the Project and it's Forks.

If you were interested in the Original Project and followed it's journey, then thank you for following along. But unfortunately, if you wanted to Contribute, you can't anymore and so you'll have to either make your own Fork or join an existing Fork.

The Repository can be found here: https://github.com/Dan-Kode/WebWareBox
(P.S. The Software is still Licensed under GPLv3. Remember, that your Fork and Forks of your Fork, cannot remove that License).

Yours sincerely,
Dan-Kode - Creator of the WebWareBox Project.
And just as a Side-Note:

If you have any Questions about Forking the Project, feel free to ask in this Thread or PM me with your Questions.
Hey everyone.

I've removed the GPLv3 License from the Archive.

The reason is that:
  1. Due to the recent Controversy surrounding Richard Stallman(Founder of the FSF, Free-Software Movement, GNU and the GPL).
  2. Because I feel like that with your Fork, you deserve the right to choose what License you use with it.
  3. Not everyone likes the GPL and it's not suitable for every Project.
Just a small change to the Archive of the Project. Not much. If you Fork it then I hope you enjoy the ability to choose the License.

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