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Linux Resources List


This thread serves as a list of links to resources on Linux. Placed first are non-distribution resources; the distribution-specific resources can be found at the bottom of this thread.

Resources include mailing-lists/forums/newsgroups, tutorial sites, wikis, videos, books, and scripts.

As with the advice/tips/book thread, you are free to submit any resources that you believe will benefit others - of course, please do not post links to any website/resource that is shady(e.g. deceptive advertising, unnecessary code, links to other shady sites, etc.) or is known to threaten the security of a computer(i.e. malware).

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Revision 2021-07-16

  • Added link to the Linux Kernel homepage(non-distribution-specific).
    • Side-note: Kernel.org is the place you go to if you want to download a more recent version of the Linux Kernel. Please however, do follow all instructions provided both by Kernel.org and your distribution, when attempting to install a new kernel.
  • Added links to the Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Debian homepages.