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Long time spare time coder


New Coder
Hello all,
I'm a French 48-year-old man who started to code at 8 on Z80 (MSX) BASIC then ASM, then switched to 8086 PC ASM then C (with OpenGL to play in the 3D world).

I have practiced VBA, HTML, CSS, javascript, recently spent some time on C#.
I have a lot of fun now with MCU (especially the powerful and cheap ESP32) using Arduino IDE (so in C).

My main projects were several games:
- TETRIS in Z80 ASM when I was 12
- A pseudo-clone of MSX Eggerland 2 on PC
- A basic 3D engine (with skeletal animation, heightmaps with texture splattering, static lighting)
- A pseudo-clone of Nintendo DS Picross 3D on PC https://www.facebook.com/sculptocross3d

Now I spend a lot of times on MCU coding with Arduino IDE:
- I completely coded the PC UI (in C) and the lighting (controlled by an ESP32 communicating with the PC) of a virtual jukebox. I even crafted the wood part:
The upper screen with the title scrolling is made of LED strips, the MCU is controlling the lights and calculating a (bad precision) sound spectrum that is displayed in the lower lines. About 1000 LEDs in total.
- I just developped a real dot matrix display for virtual pinball machines

And I'm looking for new ideas...
Happy to join your community