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HTML look for a neat HTML editor.


Well-Known Coder
Hi everyone,

I'm using NotePad++ & Visual Studio Code.

Is there something better ? I would like something similar but with a better support of the auto completion, that handle HTML & CSS

For exemple if I enter <img I would like that he propose me all the available Attributes. Same for CSS.

Any ideas ?

For HTML and CSS, I would say that you don't need anything powerful. They are both markup and style-sheet languages(respectively) and they don't require a lot of knowledge or tools to use them - all you need is a grasp of the syntax and tags and you're good to go.

I was going to recommend Brackets, but as pointed out in the Wikipedia article I linked you, Adobe seems to be discontinuing support for it, making it obsolete.

In the meantime, I would stick with Notepad++(or VSCode), and for attributes, keep a web browser tab open for reference/documentation - tile the two windows to opposite sides so that you don't have keep opening and closing windows. For the editor itself, you can also spend a bit of time looking for plugins which will perform the tasks you're wanting.

We have this list here on CF too: https://codeforum.org/threads/helpful-tools-and-resources.53/ - which contains links to several text-editors, and IDEs if you want the extra support and features.
You are already using two of the best. VSCoder ranks high on my list and is my preferred editor. Add ons to VSC will do what you want, but first -- After starting your tag like <img or any tag hit the space bar to seperate the cursor from the tag and then hit Ctrl+space bar. Your attributes appear.
Aside from Visual Studio, and Notepad++, I have used Komodo IDE in the past. Komodo works pretty well. Any IDE would work nicely for html. The tool really doesn't matter, what matters is how well you can code with the tool. Knowing the tool is secondary.

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