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C++ Looking for someone to help a first time learner


New Coder
My name is Charlie and I am looking for help specifically with two types of documents(pdf files-that get converted to csv for use in google sheets) I am an avid spreadsheet user for analyzing horse racing and past performance data in thoroughbred horse racing. I do not have coding knowledge but am just starting to learn. I am looking for help as I am trying to merge two types of past performance data into my spreadsheets and have them look like the same as they do without having to adjust them within the cells and cut down on the amount of time it takes to go through my system I have designed in order to analyze a race. I would like to design my system around the data once downloaded with macros etc. One file is a purchased drf file from a company called Brisnet. The other is the "Daily Racing Form" which is purchased and downloaded as a pdf file or sometimes given free and then has to be converted to CSV (same for Brisnet files as well) The problem I have is no coding knowledge as Daily Racing form pdf files end up with code i.e. latin symbols of some sort in the lines once it is converted to csv. My question or looking for help from someone who could write the code either C programming or Python in order so I can continue development in google sheets to make my system. It is purely a hobby and recreation for myself. If there is anyone willing to help me without charging me and doing this out of the enjoyment of coding and helping others, please let me know and I will share the documents I have and what I have created in order to furth my own personal project.

Thank you.

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