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Looking to join a team


King Coder
Hello there,

I'm looking to join up with a team for a project. I'm not doing very much at the moment, so I'd appreciate some sort of side-work to do: documentation, programming, testing, design, whatever. Preferably, I would like to work on something that will is a utility, or involves servers/networking, or maybe even a game project. I do not mind though, as long as it's something to work on. I'd also prefer it if what I was working on is open-source.

I consider myself mostly amateur in my programming abilities, however, this project that I join I'm hoping will be a great learning experience for me that I can use to branch off into other work.

  • I have knowledge of C, Java, Python, HTML/CSS, and Lua.
  • I have worked with git before.
  • I am a Linux user and I do have knowledge of the command line - handy if you're ever looking for someone to test out on Linux.
  • I have no problem with learning new tools to do the work.

I will state very clearly that I am not a Discord user, and I have zero intention of ever using it for work.

Do not force me into doing work I won't do(e.g. restricting access to certain parts of software, marketing, etc.). I will not be afraid to pull out of a project and all of my work with that if we cannot cooperate well in a team.

Please send me a PM if you'd be interested in letting me join. I'd very much appreciate it!