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JavaScript Make Delete and Edit Buttons Work


Please help me to finish my To Do App:
Add click event on button “Remove” - So that by click on button "REMOVE" created item would be removed from localstorage as well.
Add click event on button “Edit” - So that created item could be edited in localstorage as well.
Thank you a lot for your time and effort.



I dont know how to do it. Its not an assignment its just my pet project for myself. I started to learn js 2 month ago and its really tough for me. I was thinking that in this forum someone could help me by showing how i can make them buttons work.


King Coder
What is the problem with deleting an element from localstorage ? Is localStorage.removeItem(key); not working ? Did you check the console log for messages ?
As for generating an ID for your todo items, why don't you simply use a counter ?