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HTML & CSS Make forum theme responsive


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I am not sure whether this comes under PHP. I am trying to make a non-responsive MyBB theme responsive. I am trying to do that with the default theme. But if that is difficult, I will try make a new one. Since I learned PHP but never practised it, I do not know how I can do it without help. The theme is there. Would using a framework like Bootstrap help ? Thanks.

I always remember this forum when I think of coding. :+1:
Are you familiar with forum software ? Any idea where to begin ? I can do the front end easily. Not sure where to begin when it comes to converting it into a theme.
Doing an HTML + CSS front end is easy. I am not sure what to do next to make it a theme.
Coming from experience, MyBB has plenty of themes (a few Bootstrap ones, too) that you can install and dive into the CSS/HTML and tweak it to your custom needs. I'd suggest using Inspect Element to make changes live. The more you do that, the easier it will be to understand CSS/HTML themes and how each individual software works. :)
There are not many responsive themes available. Only a couple of them now.

I am trying to understand how to add responsiveness to a theme which is not responsive. I have managed to do the necessary HTML and CSS changes.
Ok. If I have an HTML + CSS design, I can convert it to a responsive theme ? the question is how :)
Think of a responsive theme as using the same elements (HTML + CSS) but with each element being designed in such a way it can adapt and fill the shape of the device's screen.

If you're converting a non-responsive theme to a responsive one, you'd want to start with the elements that are causing the biggest "issues" for you - particularly ones that are causing page breaks. A good place to start is the Header, Footer and containers for the forum list and work from there.

As some others have mentioned too, I highly recommend the Bootstrap framework for your theme. If you aren't too sentimental about your current theme, you could look at using a basic BS theme such as one of these https://webflake.sx/files/category/129-themes/

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