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media query follow up help, please


Active Coder
please see

at breakpoint 768px

on my iphone, the nav overlaps,visit, explore,events and FAQ

on my desktop in chrome dev tools at that breakpoint *everything* fits fine!

i tried clear history and website data... no go :(


i kindly ask anyone reading this, please try the code on your small device and tell me if you have a problem... or do not!

help me out?
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I could not find the site. Googleing it I was told "forallthetime.com" did not exist.
I did come to this site and question - click the 'document' and got the site - the same as doing it on my desktop, but I get the hamburger menu on my iphone.
ok, thanks for your help, OldMan!

url and google search got to forallthetime.com with out issue

please take a peek :)


on the original post... yes my iphone is wonky... but the code is fine on 2 other iphones... desktop version is as desired

please try every link

again my issue is above

i would *sincerely* appreciate any help to remedy my issue

seriously, i need some help here :)
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