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Read Me Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

We hope you have a wonderful time full of happiness. Be sure to take care of yourself and happy coding!

P.s some great things coming next year

Hey all,

Starting in the new year, we will be working a lot more to bring new features and more educational resources to you. Some of the new features that will be coming will hopefully help coders discover content in which may have been difficult to find previously.

In the last couple of years, Code Forum has been growing consistently and we together have impacted hundreds of lives in a positive way. We will continue to help everyone that comes through our doors and help them learn, build and share with the world in the hopes of making them better coders. I started Code Forum with the purpose of creating a friendly coding community where no matter what skill level you are - you'll always find help at Code Forum.

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