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Microsoft Azure Translate API

Hi All, i hope all is well. i was wondering if you have any experience with Perl. i have a script which uses Bing API to translate words in a file from German to English. (these files are what i use for my car tuning and they are the ecu map names) the script is supposed to export the map names (German) and dump them into a text file called dictionary.txt and then use Bing API to translate it all and repack the file again. The script is doing everything it should apart from the broken api. I believe this is the migration they made that has broke my script: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cognitive-services/translator/migrate-to-v3

would it be possible for someone to have a glance at the script and see why it inst working. I'm sure for someone more experienced than i am can get this to work in a matter of minuite's. Thanks All

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