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New Coder
hi! I'm in high school and going down daily ADHD hyper fixations with learning how to do insanely specific things coding-wise. Stack overflow was scary so I'm here instead.
I started with HTML/JavaScript, and moved on to Python after attempting to learn java but the syntax was too miserable. Python is a lot easier. Projects I have actually finished include a random Wikipedia title web scraper, a discord bot, and a turtle program that graphs the lines in the collatz conjecture, or the 3n+1 problem.
Currently learning machine learning in python and app development in swift. Eventually I would like to write an app that displays a widget with how much left I have in my monthly budget, but im not quite there yet. I'm self taught, with origins in scratch like every elementary-schooler who liked hour of code. Sort of a beginner in the sense that I didn't take a class on how to code, I just sorta learned through trial and error, so I often ask for solutions to easy problems, but i was informed via the home page this is a place for beginners and I will test the limits of that.
welcome! I am new too and I'm just in 7'th grade! this realy is a amazing forum and I have learned tons of new ways to think about my code and I hope you enjoy this as much as me. If you ever are stuck on an error for days, weeks, or even months, don't hesitate to post about it here. I have been grounded for a month because I have tried everything I could think of to finish coding the card game 'war' with python, and now I am closer than ever to finishing because of this forum! I hope you enjoy coding and learn to be a master coder. have a good day!
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