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music player won't start


New Coder
I use neocities for my site and this to get the music player but it won't start
please tell how to fix this.
Thank you in advance!


 <!-- SCM Music Player https://www.scmplayer.net -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.scmplayer.net/script.js"

[{'title':'Bara wa utsukushiku chiru','url':'https://youtu.be/5iwZOdF-mlI'},
{'title':'Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love %u7AF9%u5185 %u307E%u308A%u3084 (1985)','url':'https://youtu.be/hFv-Tu1Vs5g'},
{'title':'Memory Lane - AcesToAces','url':'https://youtu.be/1buCERP_zOo'},
{'title':'ai yo kienaide - Kahoru Kohiruimaki','url':'https://youtu.be/_1x0cGFy07U'},
{'title':'her - dvdkm','url':'https://youtu.be/iavQvXbWgqo'},
{'title':'i%27m tired of feeling this way - elijah who','url':'https://youtu.be/isbDNnMR_7M'},
{'title':'lonely - dvdkm','url':'https://youtu.be/H9c42KyVCw0'},
{'title':'lonely without you - elijah who','url':'https://youtu.be/cJq-mrQHh4s'},
{'title':'stay with me cover by caitlin myers','url':'https://youtu.be/xZ4p3PsGGA0'},
{'title':'%u5BB6%u65CF%u306E%u5B57 - Paniyolo','url':'https://youtu.be/CGwIghpK1us'}]}" ></script>
<!-- SCM Music Player script end -->
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New Coder
Hey @crystal.
Code should be put in BBCode, not an image.
What have you tried doing to start it, and did you get any errors in the console?
Thank you, added the code! There's no error notice and the bar appears like it should on the page, the buttons and link are working fine, it's just that it won't play. I can't figure it out.


King Coder
Regardless what the problem is here, I don't think hardcoding your playlist in the <script> tag is the best idea. It seems terribly inflexible at best. You'd be better off looking into the API as @Johna suggested. I'm sure there will be an example somewhere.