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New Coder
I am currently working on re-learning html, css, and Javascript, being 68 and half dead my memory is shot and I am learning however, slowly. I am having a lot of fun, althought it is frustrating at times, W3Schools is a lot help and I am hoping Code Forum will be as well.
Hi pbusig. I'm sort of doing the same thing as you/trying to make a website. And, as you already know, learning how to code can be frustrating sometimes but... I don't know about you, but when I get some code working (especially when it's been hard to code)....... It feels great :) In fact, sometimes it feels WONDERFUL! So, if I can be so bold as to offer some amateur advice, take it one step at a time, don't forget to take time out when you're tired/frustrated... And soon you'll be getting more of those great feelings :) Oh and a good IDE helps too. I'm just rediscovering Visual Studio Code. It's pretty good but there's also alternatives out there.
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