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C# My project doesnt't get my voice.


New Coder
Hello everyone. I was working on C#. App tells that what I wrote but doesn't get my voice. It sends me an error message. I couldn't fix it. On tutorial, it works. With the same codes, doesn't work. I couldn't find any logic or syntax mistake.


Active Coder
Hey there, @MelkliAdso.

Unfortunately, I do not work with C#. But, I would like to ask that you follow the formatting guidelines here at CF. More info on that here: https://codeforum.org/threads/code-of-conduct.4/

The rule that I'm pointing to is Inappropriate Content - Rule 1 and Rule 1.1, which clearly states:
1. When posting you need to be sure to add some value to your post. Add lots of information, explain yourself, make your post enjoyable to read.
1.1. This shall include thread titles, or titles or resources, media items.

The reason I'm pointing to this rule is while you clearly state that you're getting an error and have followed the documentation, you haven't shared this documentation with us. As a result, we cannot go back and look at the documentation to check that you haven't missed anything, regardless of how important it is.

Also, please do not post your code as an image. While posting the image of the code in your IDE/text-editor allows for us to see where exactly the error is(Thanks to syntax and error-highlighting), it prevents us from copying the code, and so we instead have to write it in ourselves, which is a waste of time. Plus, it's generally just a lot easier to have the code in a code-block rather than an image. For future reference, refer to here: https://codeforum.org/help/bb-codes/

That page will go over what you need to do to write your formatted code, instead of having it in an image. Please do take this advice into account and act on them. It will prevent any future complaints from happening and just makes it a lot easier to solve your problem without having to scavenge for documentation ourselves or type in the code manually.

Thank you.