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navigation color confusion


Active Coder

please see https://codepen.io/Pavel_NA/pen/ZEVXgpP

5 links in the nav, good

can not change the background color of the lghter blue rectangles to another color :(

i tried
#menu li {
  background-color: #e70c68;

and for a split second, it works... but very soon vaishes :(

and, please..

on the hamburger screen, the links are disturbed by unwanted gray...

for the larger screens i adusted padding and word spacing... i suspect thats my isusue

and i tried centering the links on desktop and mobile, did i do that right?

please pass on a code pen with the proper code

thank you
When I hover over the menu items they change color and stay that color until I move off of them., so I cannot verify your problem.
As for the mobile menu, I see nothing wrong. What is the problem there - {please state it in different terms.

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