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Read Me New moderation techniques

Moderation Techniques​

Hello Coders.
As mentioned in the past, I would like Code Forum to remain transparent and would like to show you how moderation will be carried out from now on. Code of Conduct has been broken down into three main categories: Inappropriate Content, Inappropriate Behaviour/Language and Inappropriate Advertising / Spam with a few smaller categories. Each category warning will be given based on the rule that was broken.


Before we begin, please review the glossary to help you better understand what certain abbreviations stand for:
  • AWP - Active Warning Points.
  • IC - Inappropriate Content.
  • IBL - Inappropriate Behaviour/Language.
  • IAS - Inappropriate Advertising / Spam.

Please review the table for new warnings and warning points:
  • If an offender does not have ANY active warning points give a reminder for the first offence.
  • If warning points active apply regular pointed warning.
  • illegal content, hacking and or null scripts ban permanently. Notify admin.
  • Child pornography, pornography ban permanently. Notify admin.
List of warnings and point values:
WarningWarning PointsComment
Inappropriate content (IC): Reminder NO Warning point0Apply for the first offence.
Inappropriate Behaviour/Language (IBL): Reminder NO Warning point0Apply for the first offence.
Inappropriate Advertising / Spam (IAS): Reminder NO Warning point0Apply for the first offence.
Inappropriate content1If reminder fails, apply to a warning.
Inappropriate Behaviour/Language1If reminder fails, apply to a warning.
Inappropriate Advertising / Spam1If reminder fails, apply to a warning.
Not using BBCode1if the first offence, use IC. If abused use Not using BBCode warning.
Warning: Hacking, illegal/null scripts10Coder will be permanently banned.
Warning: Porn/Child Pornography10Coder will be permanently banned.

If warning points are active (Active warning points (AWP)) & results:
2Account set to discourage until points expiry.
3The account added to the group "restricted account".
4The account added to the group "restricted account" and is automatically banned for 1 day.
5Permanently banned.
10Permanently banned. (Child porn/porn, illegal scripts).

Thank you!
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