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PHP (Newbie in php) How can I print the "text" of a select option (form)? (help)


New Coder
Hello, new here, english is not my native lenguage but i'm gona try to explain what I need to learn. Sorry in advance, I'm learning on my own and may make a lot of mistakes

The problem is this: I have 3 documents:

- Form.php -> here is the form (first photo)

<form action="index.php?seccion=print" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<select name="item" id="item">
include_once 'item.php';
foreach ($options as $value => $option) :
echo "<option value=\"$value\">$option</option>";

- Item.php -> here are the select options inside an array that I linked to the other 2 .php documents

$options = [
'H' => 'option 1',
'O' => 'option 2',
'E' => 'option 3',

- Print.php -> I want the results to print her

include_once 'item.php';

<!!!!---don't know what code to put here ---!>

I want the option(item) selected in document form.php to be printed in print.php, but i only get the string and the array position printed when I tried different things.
Am I explaining myself? Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,
hope I have not broken any rules of the forum.


Active Coder
Try this:

if(isset($_POST["item"])) {
    echo "The Result Is: " . $options[$_POST["item"]];

The value submitted by the form is the key to the array, so you have to access the key of the array to display the value.