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NOOB assistance - send command from web page to Pi


New Coder
Hi all.

I'm pretty much a NOOB to this, but I have dabbled in C++ and HTML/CSS and I've also programmed some Arduino projects. This project, however, is larger than my experience, but I believe I can get through this if I just take one step at a time. To explain my project as simply as possible here is the goal:

-- There is going to be an equipment "Control Panel" on a screen used to control equipment and give readouts to the user
-- Inputs from the user on the Control Panel will be sent to a Raspberry Pi (which is hosting the web page/Control Panel)
-- The Pi will then signals to one of two different Arduinos that will actually control the equipment
-- Simultaneously, the Arduinos will be sending sensor and mechanical information to the Pi
-- The Pi will then "post" those readings on the web page/Control Panel
-- All of this needs to happen and update "live"

This is what I've accomplished so far:

-- The Arduinos are programmed and operate the machinery perfectly.
-- I have used HTML/CSS to make a web page to act as a Control Panel
-- I've got a Raspberry Pi installed with an OS (set up in Kiosk mode), Apache2, and mySQL
-- The web page has been successfully loaded onto the Raspberry Pi and displays properly
-- Using JavaScript and HTML/CSS, I have all of the buttons working as far as indicating whether they have been selected/pushed

So I guess my next step and question is: How do I get the signal that the button has been pushed to Raspberry Pi? I suppose I'll also have to know: How do I put this signal or command into a variable to be stored and retrieved on the Pi?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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