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Noob looking for guidance on a project


New Coder
Hi guys.

I have an idea that will require an app on my website. I would like to save the costs of this by learning to code what I need specifically for this project. I am so clueless as to what types of code I need.

The idea I have is for hobbyists to create their own backdrops for their models, using templates I provide in menus next to the design area. A drag and drop would be preferential but not imperative. All elements - be it a house or tree or factory, would need to be able to be moved anywhere on the design area and also resized with the same aspect ratio. I would then need a snapshot of their design so I could print and mail it to them. How easy would this be to implement with learning the relevant code myself. Not a noob with computers or using various programs, but not a techno wiz either.

I would entertain the idea of paying for the work to be done but I have little money and I fear it could be thousands!

Any guidance would be appreciated

For what you want to accomplish, it sounds like you want to use HTML5 Canvas. That's the API that will let you create and edit graphics. I haven't worked at all with HTML5 Canvas so I can't speak to what is necessary to do what you want to accomplish, but hopefully you can find a starting point.

Once you have the canvas working, then you just need a way to save the canvas into something you can print. This StackOverflow answer does a good job of explaining how you can save the canvas to a database for later retrieval.

Alternatively, you may want to look into 3rd party services and see if something like this already exists in some form. Cloudinary offers a media widget that looks like it might be customizable to do what you want, so that may be an option as well.

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