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May 13, 2019
Hello, today I would like to discuss a new affiliation project under CF.

Before I get into this I would like to answer a few of your questions.

Q) What's "Frame-R8"?
A) Frame-R8 is an FPS counter simular to fraps.
Q) What is its purpose?
A) Well, I'm aiming to make this a free, improved, customizable and OPEN SOURCE project/solution.
Q) What does it do/contain?
A) It has a multitude of things; I will list a few please note that this will be updated and new features will be implemented.
- FPS Renderer on screen
- Optimize system/clean junk.
- Remove the useless services you choose.
- Stop un-needed programs/services when gaming.


This will be available to use for anyone for any reason as long as you give me and the people in the credits; Credit.
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