One of my most amazing experiences and a lesson

ForwardWeb - Branden

Legendary Coder
So I was a staff member at Phoenix Online Studios a independent adventure game studio i was not a good experience 100% of the time but I was able to meet and make some life long friends there our last truly successful product as of now was it was a project which allowed me to rise above my station and truly make a difference though uuncredited for much of my influence i consulted on Art GUI even came up with night a day transitions for day end sequences right down to chair squeaks my influence can be heard in the soundtrack as well that proved to me that I could do more the file bug reports :)
I got to work with the wonderful
eventually people where asking is there anything i didn't help with im on call when they need me to test or help with something but these days i sell web services because i need to do somthing i believe in just like game development but also pays bills