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Hello there,

I'm creating this thread as a way to further publicize open-source projects and make them easier to find in case you wish to contribute to them or want something to use that is specifically open-source. If you have any projects you would like to add, just respond with them and they'll be added to the list. All projects, big and small, are welcome on this list.

You'll notice to that every listing is named but the links that follow them after the name are all different(i.e. one takes you to the mailing list, one takes you to a contribution page, etc.) This may be confusing, but it's done like this because sometimes you can go deep and deep into a project's website and not find anything, so this list takes you to the most easiest page to access and allowing you to explore from there(e.g. the Firefox listing takes you to the contribution page, which takes you to contributing in different parts of the code base).

  1. Linux Kernel - Mailing list
  2. Mozilla Firefox - Contribution guide
  3. phpBB(forum software) - GitHub repository
  4. Apache(web server) - Contribution guide
  5. OGRE(graphics engine) - GitHub
  6. Gajim(instant messenger) - GitLab repository
  7. Blender(3D graphics art tool) - Contribution guide
  8. MediaWiki(wiki software) - Contribution guide
  9. VLC media player - Contribution guide
  10. Minetest(open-source Minecraft clone) - GitHub repository
  11. OBS(Open Broadcaster Software) - GitHub repository
  12. MyBB(forum software) - GitHub repository
  13. SMF(Simple Machines Forum) - GitHub repository
  14. Krita(2D art/animation software) - KDE repository
  15. GIMP(image editor) - Gitlab repository
  16. Inkscape(image editor) - Gitlab repository
  17. Wordpress - Contribution page
  18. Ruby on Rails(framework) - GitHub repository
  19. Jekyll(static site generator) - GitHub repository
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