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JavaScript output crisis


Well-Known Coder

begining JS problem

i know little at this point :(

when i run my code on output i get A TON of confusing data

i am pretty sure it was fine in the last few days when i use console.log

plese see the image on the right

i am after the console running my code... and thats it :)

never mind the code itelf.. still learning

of note, months ago i installed node but un-intsalled it... same problem

help me , please :)

Screenshot 2024-04-12 163708.png
Hi there.
You may want to double-check your quotes. Are you sure there are supposed to be 2 single quotes before the comma?

This is where syntax highlighting is useful. What is orange is a string. You don't want + (year - birthYear) + to be a string, which looking at the colours, you can see it is.

You can also use a template literal like this:
const Tim = `I'm ${firstName}, a ${year - birthYear} year old ${job}!`;

i am new here :)

please be patient with me

installed Code Runner , vscode

i removed the string

got the following

[Running] node "c:\Users\Timothy Welch\Desktop\JS\complete-javascript-course-master\01-Fundamentals-Part-1\starter\more.js"
[Done] exited with code=0 in 0.268 seconds
[Running] node "c:\Users\Timothy Welch\Desktop\JS\complete-javascript-course-master\01-Fundamentals-Part-1\starter\more.js"
[Done] exited with code=0 in 0.254 seconds

1978 comes from my variable const birthYear = 1978

i used console.log(birthYear);

what is all the other stuff? how do i remove it?

is there another way to run the code in VSCode?


i figured it out! :)

oubvioulsy i remove the bad string, it helps

i use code runner in VSCode

in its settings i can remove evrything BUT what i want

when i console log, its flawless... no superflous code... just what i want :)

crisis avereted!

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