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JavaScript Passing data from (html-JavaScript) table to JavaScript Function


New Coder
Hi, I've got a button for adding rows (select option value and Input) to a html-JavaScript table, When I select an element from the select option value (idmedico) I use onchange option in the select for going to a JavaScript function for fetching the name for the idmedico and the populate the input (id="nombre_'+cont+'"). Because I can add several rows in html-JavaScript table then I will have: idmedico[0] -- id="nombre_0" idmedico[1] -- id="nombre_1"etc.
This is my JavaScript code for creating Table:
var fila='<tr class="filas" id="fila'+cont+'">'+
        '<td><button type="button" class="btn btn-danger" onclick="eliminarDetalle('+cont+')">X</button></td>'+
        '<td><select  name="idmedico[]" class="form-control idmedico" data-id="'+cont+'" onchange="myFunction(this.value)" required  ><option value="" >Seleccione Cuenta</option><?php echo seleccionar_medico($connect); ?></select></td>'+
        '<td><input type="text" id="nombre_'+cont+'" name="nombre[]" value=""></td>'+
This is the JavaScript function (myFunction) for fetching name and then populate input with the name:
function myFunction(idmedico){
    var contador = document.getElementById('data-id');
            url: 'traer_nombre_medico.php',
            type: 'POST',
            dataType: 'json',
            success: function(data)
            error: function(errorThrown)

The above function fetch the name for idmedico but doesn't populate the name in the input id="nombre_'+cont+'"
My problem is that I don't how to pass variable cont to Table.pngmyFunction():
The image show The table and how could works when selecting idmedico.

Please any ideas?
I don't see right away what is wrong here, but I find your code to create the fila string rather convoluted and error-prone.
Consider using the backtick operator, which has the advantage that you can create a multiline string with linefeeds and you can easily insert your counter like this : ${cont}

Thus the code would be

var fila = `
<tr class="filas" id="fila${cont}">
<td><button type="button" class="btn btn-danger" onclick="eliminarDetalle(${cont})">X</button></td>
<td><select  name="idmedico[]" class="form-control idmedico" data-id="${cont}"
    onchange="myFunction(this.value)" required  ><option value="" >Seleccione Cuenta</option><?php echo seleccionar_medico($connect); ?>
<td><input type="text" id="nombre_${cont}" name="nombre[]" value=""></td>

While this might not solve your problem, it is at least easier to understand and maintain.

One thing I do not understand here is this name="nombre[]" Why do you want those square brackets in the name ? Is that even legal ?

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