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Java Pattern homework


New Coder
Hello, I was given an assignment in college to do in Java. Otherwise, I will be thrown off the scholarship and it will be very tight, nothing is clear on YouTube and forums. For experienced coders, I think it will take a minute, because for a college work.šŸ˜žšŸ˜ž

////////the task
Company N delivers parcels worldwide by air
by way. Since some cities are not connected by air route, delivery
carried out through transit cities. It is known that by air routes
the following cities are connected:
Ensk <-> Iventsk
Eventsk <-> Templates
Templates <-> Diagram
Templates <-> Attributes (the law that at the time of testing
the air route system is temporarily out of operation)
Your task is to develop a prototype of a service to ensure
delivery of parcels. If the city where the parcel arrived is not
is the purpose, then the system must independently determine
which city will be the next in the path of the parcel, guided by
information about air routes stored in it. If necessary
the air route at the time of registration of the parcel is temporarily out of order, then
the system displays a corresponding message (do not worry, the parcels will be
sent as soon as supply is restored). It is assumed that about
The existence and operation of a private air route is known only in
city that is part of it (means of departure or arrival).
The program must receive data on the entry of the shipment and
return the route passed by the parcel or a message about in which
the city has stopped the parcel. Changes, but open to expansion.

An example of how the program works:
City indexes:
1. Ensk
2. Eventsk
3. Templates
4. Diagram
5. Attributes
Indicate the postal code of the city of departure
>> 1
Indicate the zip code of the destination city
>> 4
Traveled route: Ensk-> Eventsk-> Templates-> Diagramsk
The package has been delivered to its destination.
>> 1
Indicate the zip code of the destination city
>> 5
Traveled route: Ensk-> Eventsk-> Templates
At present, the Templatesk-> Attributesk air route is temporarily not functioning.
Don't worry, the package will be dispatched as soon as supply is restored.

sorry for such things.šŸ˜žšŸ˜ž
I have to say though, why are you saying it as if we are to do your homework for you? Why is "I will be thrown off the scholarship" something of concern? If you weren't meant for it, you shouldn't get it....

And is it end of semester now? Why are you using only the Internet and YouTube for learning? You're not supposed to use those.

P.S. I would help you, assuming the deadline hasn't already passed; but it's not very clear what you've written. There is no formatting whatsoever, and I would have to say that I don't think someone like you is ready for the work world yet.

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