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PeerJS Server on Cyclic.sh or Render.com


New Coder
I am trying to get my own PeerJS Server working on the Free accounts of either Cyclic.sh or Render.com. (Or please let me know if you know other free accounts where this could be possible).

For example, on Cyclic I can get a copy of PeerJS Server loaded into Cyclic.sh, but the actual listener does not listen, returning a 500 error.

Could anyone give a dummy's tutorial?
Rather than looking for a tutorial, I would personally focus on the error and try to understand and fix it. I know nothing about Cyclic.sh or PeerJS, but I have some experience with listeners. If you say the "actual listener does not listen" what exactly do you mean ? What is the "actual listener" (terminology ?) and what exactly does or doesn't it do ? If it returns a 500 error, which is a Sever Internal Error, it seems unlikely that it is not listening at all - it suggests that it is listening, has accepted a connection, and then the client got a 500 error. Please clarify. Is there a logfile of the listener/server, or is there maybe a logfile in your Cyclic.sh framework that may have details ? Could it be a configuration error ?

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