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HTML Personal Website Review


Bronze Coder
Hey all! Working on my personal website at the moment, I have the basic design of what I want, but have a few more pages to add to it before I am ready to call it complete.
Could really use some feedback on how it's looking and functioning so far, maybe things I could change?

Anyways, here's the link! https://krygore.github.io/WebDev_Krygore/

Best regards,
Not bad mate, my only advice is do not fight the bootstrap :D they have lots of resources you can use for free :D https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.1/examples/

Also What evony did you used the play the new one of the old one. I might have met you on there and on Eve for that matter. Where you around during the BOB and GoonSwarm battles :D

Still learning how to manipulate bootstrap better for my own needs, but this is the first site I've made with it.
What part looks like I am fighting it if I may ask? See if I can work with it some more :)

I played Evony age I until it was no longer supported by my browser. Several servers and in every server I was in the Requiem alliance.
I just started playing EVE about 6 months ago and mostly do afk mining and ice harvesting lol

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