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Poker game code

In my opinion, you're not really giving us a lot of information to work with here. You've stated that it's a Poker-Game written in the Python Language. Okay, got that down. But as @swift said, have you tried anything so far? Maybe you've had a peek at some examples?

You will have at least needed to have tried creating a Prototype at least to get an idea of what you'll be creating. I've looked at some versions that others have wrote online and from what I've seen, it will involve Functions but it may also involve Classes(Which I hope you know, in case they do happen to come into play).

Another thing is that you must know how Poker works and the rules of it. I don't play Poker nor' have I ever played it before so I can't tell you the rules of it or how it plays out. I'm going to assume that you know anyway. If you don't, look it up.

What you're going to be making here isn't gonna be easy. Again, as with the examples that I looked at, they seem to span about 110-220 lines. Yours may be bigger or smaller than that amount anyway. I hope you at least know how to do Functions in Python as that's what will be involved. Classes, as I said, they may come into play here when writing the game so maybe having knowledge of them can help.

Tell you what. Try making a Prototype first. When you've done that, share the code with us and maybe we can help you with it.
Do you want it where it’s like a slot machine and you click a lever then your options are randomized?
Even if you don't end up nailing the code perfectly, just remember that coursework is all about learning and growing. As long as you put in the effort and give it your best shot, you'll come out of it with new skills and knowledge.
I had already built some casino app with python. Actually, it's telegram bot. Everybody can try it, now it's playing on goerli & bsc testnet.
Who wants this?
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