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Prepared statements needs to be re-prepared.

I tried uploading my website on 000webhost but I am getting error "Prepared statements needs to be re-prepared."
I search through the internet and found these two solutions: It happens every time I query through views table.

1. Increase table_definition_cache
- The problem is, 000webhost does not allow me to increase it because it says I need super privilege to do it.

- This next solution is not recommended as it could introduce security vulnerabilities (SQL Injection) as the emulation is not flawless, based on what I've read.
- Second, is I need to make it false because I am using numbers in my prepared statements such as the pagination.

So, I cannot find any solution to this. Maybe it's an on going bug where there is no definite solution.
But may I ask if anyone knows how to fix this? That would be a lot of help.
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