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HTML & CSS Problem with mobile view for recovered website


New Coder
Kind of new here. Not really much of a coder but I believe that my issue is a coding problem.

Here is the website in question: https://royalpersianrugs.com.au

I may have the terms wrong here but in mobile view when attempting to open the drop down menu from the navbar, the drop down menu disappears very quickly. There is no issue with desktop view.

Unfortunately, this website is just a mirror taken from HTTrack so I don't have any ablility to fix it via Wordpress backend. Adding code to the CSS of main theme seems to be my best bet at this stage.

I believe the theme is called X (integrity dark) by ThemeCo. I have a copy of the CSS file found inside the WP theme folder. The code seems to run in a single line when opened in Notepad++ so my apologies if it is hard to work with.

Is it ok to provide a link to the CSS file in here?

I did try to add code suggested by ThemeCo themselves but it didn't work for me. Although the fix seems to be for a menu that doesn't appear at all. My problem is that the drop-down menu disappears too quickly such that the site cannot be navigated.

Here was the fix suggested by ThemeCo: https://theme.co/forum/t/mobile-header-menu-disappears-after-update-x-theme/48320

Final thing to mention. I temporarily renamed the integritydark.css file inside the Theme folder and I noticed that the sub menu did remain static in middle of screen but the drop-down black background of the sub-menu was no longer active. So, while removing the CSS altogether seems to fix the issue, it looks very unprofessional from a visual perspective.

I hope you have all the info required to provide some suggestions.