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Hey there.

This Thread serves as a Resource-List for getting Resources and Learning-Materials for any Programming-Language. That includes C++, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java and plenty of other Languages.

Here is what you can Submit:
  • Books
  • Websites
  • Learning-Sites
  • PDF Files/Links
Please Note: When Submitting Books, please do not Link to a Kindle Book. Please also try to keep away from Submitting Amazon-Links unless you cannot find a Book anywhere else other than Amazon. As for Websites, please do not Submit Links to Websites that require you to disable Ad-Blockers or are filled to the brim with Ads. Both Amazon and Advertisements are notorious for Data-Collecting. As for PDF Files, make sure the Link to them is safe and please do not Link to any Website or File that contains anything inappropriate. Thanks.

Note 2: I have Linked to Books but pretty much all of them(Except for maybe a couple) are from Amazon. If you want to avoid Amazon like myself, try looking for the same Book but in the Book-Retailer for your Country.

Note 3: To Submit your Resources, just Reply to this Thread and I'll add them to this Post.

  1. The C Programming-Language by Dennis Ritchie and Brian W. Kernighan( - Warning: Amazon-Link
  2. C Primer Plus by Stephen Prata ( - Warning: Amazon-Link
  3. Wikipedia Article on C -
  4. -
  1. - Bjarne Stroustrup's Hompage(He is the Creator of the C++ Programming-Language) - This Site contains a C++ FAQ from himself which you can read.
  2. - Warning: Amazon-Link
  3. - Warning: Amazon-Link
  4. - C++ Programming-Website, offers Tutorials, History of C++ and a Discussion-Forum for the Language itself.
  1. - Official Website of the Python Programming-Language
  2. Python Crash-Course, 2nd Edition by Eric Matthes -
  3. Automate The Boring Stuff With Python by Al Sweigart -
  1. - Official Website of the Ruby Programming-Language
  2. Learn To Program by Chris Pine -
  3. Ruby Programming WikiBook -
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