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PS4: Horizon Zero Dawn


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Horizon Zero Dawn

Hi guys! Just wanted to share my thoughts on the new game Horizon Zero Dawn, that I recently got about a couple weeks ago from the PlayStation Store. All that I can say is wow, what well-built game. The game honestly reminds me of Skyrim, where it has plenty of things to do, and your chances of getting tired of the game are pretty low. Like Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn has a somewhat of large map with quest scattered around. I'll quickly go over things like gameplay, difficulty and the game mechanics without too many spoilers.


The gameplay in my perspective is pretty fantastic. You play in 3rd-person as a young girl named Aloy, who discovers that she's outcast of the Nora Tribe. She realizes this the hard way when she has a couple of encounters with the Nora Tribe.

The game takes place in the far future of the earth, where machines roam the world and act as the dinosaurs once did. All across the map are ruins of the old metal world, and tribes of the new.

As you grow up to a toddler or slightly older, you're shown the basic principals of the game which will help you throughout the game; like how to regain health and hunt machines. Both are essential to the game. Because your health does not regenerate, you'll have to go around and collect medicinal herbs, which you can use to heal yourself when you're low on health. Hunting for machines is essential for crafting items like weapons, arrows etc. During Aloy's childhood, you are introduced to a device called the Focus; the Focus helps you find the paths and weaknesses of the machine. She comes upon the Focus when she unintentionally makes her way into a metal ruin, where she discovered the Focus used by the people of the old metal-world.

After completing both Aloy's childhood years, and completing a tournament the map opens up, and you can do a lot more Quests.


I play the game on Ultra Hard which is the highest difficulty setting so it may vary depending on the setting. Horizon Zero Dawn on Ultra Hard; can be very challenging you will die a lot, and I mean a lot. But it forces you to think and come up with strategies to help you succeed in the mission. There was this one mission where I spent a couple of days trying to beat, with many different failed approaches I finally got it. After defeating it I looked at the level of the quest and its recommended level was a bit higher than what my player was at, so it was little trickier. Every Mission or Quest has its own recommended player level that your player should be at or above. Like I said above, it's not impossible to beat the Quest if you're below the recommended level is just a little more difficult.

Game Mechanics

The game mechanics are pretty good; Most controls are easy to remember and changing out your weapon is fairly easy. We get taught the basics of moving around, aiming, firing and collecting medicinal herbs when Aloy was young. The different menus such as your map, inventory and weapon wheel are very easy to use. The weapon wheel is not complicated which makes it very easy for you to switch weapons during combat.

Controls are just like most games; Moving & looking around you use both the joysticks; Left joystick you use to walk around, Right joystick you use to look around. You can interact with people or objects by pressing triangle. The gamepad is used for opening your map; here you can also find your crafting & inventory menu's that you can navigate using L1 & R1. Aiming and firing is like most shooting games, L2 to aim, R2 is to shoot, but if you press it quickly you can shoot quick shots, but they are less accurate. While aiming, you can reload by pressing R1. You can change your weapon by pressing L1; this opens up your weapon wheel. Square is used to crouch; circle is used to roll which gives you an upper hand on machines that charge at you. X is for jumping around. There are a few more but I won't bore you anymore, the rest is for you to figure out.

Whenever you get a new weapon, you will get a sidequest which will help show you how to use the weapon by completing several tasks. Which I find very helpful, and I praise the developers for this. Makes the game a tab bit easier when playing on Ultra Hard. xD


In conclusion, I give this game a whopping 5/5 stars for its beauty, game mechanics and story (So far). The game is pretty straightforward, but some quest can be very challenging (Which I enjoy) if you like GTA, Skyrim and other open worlds than Horizon Zero Dawn would be a great game for you to play. There's always something to do, when you complete a quest it seems that two more will pop-up. The game has very beautiful landscapes, definitely stops you in your tracks and makes you stop in your tracks to look at the beautiful Aloy... I mean sunset, geez I'm falling in love with a video game character. :/

More information: http://userguides.eu.playstation.com/en/horizon-zero-dawn/

Get Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation Store.

Image sources: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/T5Xx3MdqdgM/maxresdefault.jpg, https://i.ytimg.com/vi/RRQDqurZJNk/maxresdefault.jpg

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