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Python Python code to read in data file, write it to a file, order columns in ascending order


New Coder
Specific Prompt
Read in the included data file and write it to a file named sorted_data.txt with the same data, but order the columns in ascending alphabetical order.

The data comes from a .txt file and is randomly generated data going up to 1000

How would I approach writing this code?

Attachment contains fake data from https://mockaroo.com/


  • MOCK_DATA-3 (3).txt
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King Coder
It appears that each column value is separated by a tabbed space. I didn't check each one though.
If this is the case, you can do a split() to separate by new lines. Then in a loop, use split to separate by tabbed space. If it's the first line, then these split values are the column names and should be stored in a column list. If after first line, it is a data row. You can use sort() to auto-sort the column list alphabetically. Now, obviously the columns are in a different order. I can look later, but you should be able to Google how to sort a list based on another list's changes