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Python Python Google API - Script Help

Can you help me with this? When can I run this and where should I replace my information? It's not working on Code Visual Studio

[CODE lang="php" title="API"]import googleads
import pandas as pd
import traceback
from googleads import adwords
from googleads import oauth2

_locale._getdefaultlocale = (lambda *args: ['en_UK', 'UTF-8'])

class searchVolumePuller():
def __init__(self,client_ID,client_secret,refresh_token,developer_token,client_customer_id):
self.client_ID = client_ID
self.client_secret = client_secret
self.refresh_token = refresh_token
self.developer_token = developer_token
self.client_customer_id = client_customer_id

def get_client(self):
access_token = oauth2.GoogleRefreshTokenClient(self.client_ID,
adwords_client = adwords.AdWordsClient(self.developer_token,
client_customer_id = self.client_customer_id,

return adwords_client

def get_service(self,service,client):

return client.GetService(service)

def get_search_volume(self,service_client,keyword_list):
#empty dataframe to append data into and keywords and search volume lists#
keywords = []
search_volume = []
keywords_and_search_volume = pd.DataFrame()
#need to split data into smaller lists of 700#
sublists = [keyword_list[x:x+700] for x in range(0,len(keyword_list),700)]
for sublist in sublists:
# Construct selector and get keyword stats.
selector = {
'ideaType': 'KEYWORD',
'requestType' : 'STATS'

#select attributes we want to retrieve#
selector['requestedAttributeTypes'] = [

#configure selectors paging limit to limit number of results#
offset = 0
selector['paging'] = {
'startIndex' : str(offset),
'numberResults' : str(len(sublist))

#specify selectors keywords to suggest for#
selector['searchParameters'] = [{
'xsi_type' : 'RelatedToQuerySearchParameter',
'queries' : sublist

#pull the data#
page = service_client.get(selector)
#access json elements to return the suggestions#
for i in range(0,len(page['entries'])):

keywords_and_search_volume['Keywords'] = keywords
keywords_and_search_volume['Search Volume'] = search_volume

return keywords_and_search_volume

if __name__ == '__main__':
CLIENT_ID = "my"

keyword_list = ['Manchester','Turin','London']

volume_puller = searchVolumePuller(CLIENT_ID,

adwords_client = volume_puller.get_client()

targeting_service = volume_puller.get_service('TargetingIdeaService', adwords_client)

kw_sv_df = volume_puller.get_search_volume(targeting_service,keyword_list)[/CODE]

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