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C Realising Multiple endpoints using 2 endpoints


New Coder
Hi ,

I'm working on an architecture where, we have only 2 hardcoded endpoints , with which we have to realise the below endpoints , is there any logic that i can use?

Old architecture (USB endpoints) :

#define end_point_int_out (0x81) /*!< Interrupt ToHost */
#define end_point_bulk_in (0x02) /*!< Bulk FromHost */
#define end_point_bulk_out (0x82) /*!< Bulk ToHost */
#define end_point_iso_in (0x03) /*!< Isochronous FromHost */
#define end_point_iso_out (0x83) /*!< Isochronous ToHost */
#define end_point_int_out2 (0x85) /*!< Interrupt ToHost */
#define end_point_bulk_in2 (0x06) /*!< Bulk FromHost */
#define end_point_bulk_out2 (0x86) /*!< Bulk ToHost */
#define end_point_iso_in2 (0x07) /*!< Isochronous FromHost */
#define end_point_int_out3 (0x89) /*!< Interrupt ToHost */
#define end_point_bulk_in3 (0x0A) /*!< Bulk FromHost */
#define end_point_bulk_out3 (0x8A) /*!< Bulk ToHost */
#define end_point_int_out4 (0x8D) /*!< Interrupt ToHost */
#define end_point_bulk_in4 (0x0E) /*!< Bulk FromHost */
#define end_point_bulk_out4 (0x8E) /*!< Bulk ToHost */

New arch :

#define end_point_to_host (0x80) /*!< Mask specifying endpoint direction ToHost */
#define end_point_from_host (0x00) /*!< Mask specifying endpoint direction FromHost */