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Regarding GitHub repsoitory - is this code useable in it's current state?


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It appears you need XCode or similar to make this usable.
It seems this is for programming, not direct to iphone.
With that, use an IDE like XCode, import code from repository, import code into project, use code in project, enjoy.
X E.
This is the repository:

Do you mind taking a peek at it and telling me, if I download it onto an iphone, is this useable in it's current state?
Or are there other steps required to make that happen?
Hi there,
Unfortunately, there would be no way of telling other than you installing it on your system and taking it for a test drive. We can skim through the code and tell you it may potentially be good to go, but only way you will know for sure is if you try it yourself. Just follow the steps to download and compile. Should there be an issue at compile time, feel free to post up the error codes and any relevant code that may have caused the issue.
Thanks for the replies.
I attempted to download Xcode onto my ipad version 16.6, and I get "Not compaible with this device". I don't have a mac. Any commonly used alternatives to Xcode for iPad that you'd recommend?
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I know Visual Studio Code (Which is not Visual Studio) can do XCode like things but have never tried or used Flutter for an Apple project, so I can't advise you much. I think to use that repository you may need Visual Studio Code or XCode. I have no experience in Flutter though so your call.
X E.
It should be able to be used on selected devices including iOS phones, do not know what versions. There are usually versions supported somewhere. I think it should be usable in its current form as you try for but check iphone versions, sometimes things are older or newer than had devices.
X E.
Many thanks for your replies.
I have more questions about the original link's product description that I posted: GitHub - apivideo/api.video-ios-live-stream: iOS RTMP live stream client. Made with ♥ by api.video (https://api.video)

It states "This module is an easy way to broadcast RTMP live stream to api.video platform".

And then it states, below that, under "Permissions": "To be able to broadcast, you must update Info.plist with a usage description ....etc".

I want to stream to a platform (and store the video stream), but I don't want to "broadcast" the video stream from a platform.
So, my main question is, what part of that README information (GitHub - apivideo/api.video-ios-live-stream: iOS RTMP live stream client. Made with ♥ by api.video (https://api.video))
is uneeded for me to do, if I am not interested in broadcasting (but, simply streaming to storage)?

I look forward to any additional guidance...

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