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Hello Coders!

I just wanted to make a note of the recent downtime we experienced and apologize for any inconvenience this may have had on your day. The downtime was result of a few issues with setting up our emails and SSL/htaccess file.

As mentioned above the downtime was a result of email, SSL and htaccess erros. I'll explain more in detail on what happened:

  • The issue regarding our email was that while we were setting our records, we accidentally conflicted two DNS A records which result in some users witnessing "hello!" text.
  • SSL is a little tricky, we believe it was a result to the SSL no being installed correctly on our server, but we also found out that our SSL Certificate issuer recently was acquired by Sectigo and could have caused issues.
  • The .htaccess file had incorrect code, not entirely sure why it failed now and not before? But code was replaced and we are now running a full operations.
  • Inbox messages disappeared was due to an add-on which had enabled itself that was disabled and was marked for removal.
I would like to thank everyone over at Web Hosting Canada for quickly working along side me in getting all the issues resolved.

Again, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience.

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