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HTML & CSS Responsive website.


New Coder
Hello to everyone,
Since 1/2 months ago, I wanted to start coding and learning HTML & CSS. Everything is going very well, I'm learning a lot of stuff but right now, I'm trying to understand and learn the logic behind a responsive website to be able to view the website on all devices without problems. The main problem though for me is understanding how to do it. There are many different approaches to be able to do it, and I want to understand which method is better than other. I saw some people using a GRID because you can control the columns in 2 direction, which is more useful than "flexboxes" because is one dimensional. Also, are there any sites, extensions or tips or tricks to help a young and no experience web developer like me, to be able to understand and manage the website to be responsive? (Or maybe just some advices to help me creating a good website?)

Thanks to all, and thanks for your attention.
(I apologize if my question may not be grammatically correct, but my native language is not English).
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